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The first application for players, coaches and tennis clubs. Use the app to find opponents to challenge and coaches for your lessons. With SmatchMe you can follow the news of your clubs and participate in tournaments in your city.




To facilitate the choice of the most suitable playmate to organize a match, it was necessary to have an objective subdivision of the playing level of each registered player, with the sole objective of creating balanced matches, both friendly ones and those in the tournaments organized by SmatchMe.

During registration, you are asked to indicated your level of play by choosing from those listed on the international rating scale (I.T.R.).

After, following the table, you will be assigned the SmatchMe level correspondign to your level of play. It is a very simple system that we explain in the next tab.

I.T.R. Rank SmatchMe level I.T.R. Rank SmatchMe level
1.5 D7 5.5 C2
2 D6 5.5 C1
2.5 D5 6 B8
3 D4 6 B7
3.5 D3 6 B6
4 D2 6.5 B5
4.5 D1 6.5 B4
5 C5 6.5 B3
5 C4 7 B2
5.5 C3 7 B1

By winning 3 consecutive matches with players at the same level (Smatchme Rank ). (Example: A D4 wins 3 matches against other D4s – WIN LEVEL D3)

By winning 2 consecutive matches with players from higher rankings of 1/+ levels, the player will automatically acquire the level of the opponent defeated with the lower ranking. (Example: A C4 wins 2 matches against a C3 – and a C2 – WIN LEVEL C3)

By winning 2 matches with the re-match formula (mandatory rematch within 15 days) the Smatchme rank will automatically become that of the defeated opponent. (Example: A D3 wins 2 challenges against a D1 – WIN LEVEL D1)


By losing 4 consecutive matches with players at the same level or at lower level (Smatchme Rank), the player loses one level. (Example: A D2 loses 4 games – Loses the level and goes to D3)


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