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Terms and conditions

SmatchMe League Regulation

How does the SmatchMe League work?

SmatchMe League is a competition based on challenges launched by players within the APP. To make the competition more balanced, the players will be divided into three categories based on SmatchMe levels.
Players can be challenged or challenge, they are free to choose their challenger, the system will calculate the best 18 matches out of all those played between the 10th of July 2019 and the 30th of June 2020.
Players can challenge each other in the category they belong to, higher and lower.
The players manage the challenge in private: time, day and Tennis club.

smatchme app per tornei di tennis
How do the matches work?

The winner of the challenge will write the result on the App that will be confirmed by the loser, it will also be possible to insert an evaluation on the Club and on the opponent, it is important to confirm the result by defining the points of the SmatchMe League. The matches will be played two sets out of three in the 4 games, with tie-breaks in all sets at 3 games all. Moreover in the game the “no ad” will be applied with the deciding point at deuce (40-40).

The best 8 or 16 players for each category will play the Final Master, which will be held in Italy (venue and date to be confirmed). The formula of the Master’s matches will be defined at the time of participation, the Master will be played in 2-3 days.

How are the points calculated?

The ranking, filtered by national, regional, provincial and the Tennis Club one, is calculated as follows: sum of the coefficients acquired for each challenge won (best 18), sum of the challenges won considered as absolute value 1 each victory, total of the games won, total of the games lost; if after these values there is still an even score situation, the greatest total number of played challenges will be taken into account (sum of challenges won and lost) and then of the longest registration period to the SmatchMe League.

The 18 challenges are automatically chosen by the system taking into account the best challenger level, then for the best difference between game won and game lost.

MARIO ROSSI 880 11 149 146
GIANLUCA BIANCHI 840 10 144 136
MASSIMO VERDI 810 10 147 139
STAFANIA VIOLA 780 9 138 129
LIVIA ROSA 740 8 142 133

The defeat against players of any SmatchMe level does not establish any reduction in the weighting.

In the case of two challengers facing each other repeatedly, the system will calculate the best 2 matches won for both players for the final 18 challenges.

Each time there is a positive or negative passage to another group, the entry weighting in the new group will be recalculated automatically by the system (always based on the best 18 contests) taking into account the new level you have acquired.

Ranking series C Ranking series B Ranking series A
I.T.R. Rank SmatchMe Level I.T.R. Rank SmatchMe Level I.T.R. Rank SmatchMe Level
1.5 D7 3.5 D3 5 C4
2 D6 4 D2 5.5 C3
2.5 D5 4.5 D1 5.5 C2
3 D4 5 C5 5.5 C1

Match points – equal level (e.g. D3 vs D3):
Win 50 points / Defeat 0

Match points – higher level (e.g. D3 vs D2):
Win 100 points / Defeat 0

Match points – higher level 2 or + (e.g. D3 vs C5):
Win 150 points / Defeat 0

Match points – lower level (e.g. D3 vs D4):
Win 40 points / Defeat 0

Match points – lower level 2 or + (e.g. D3 vs D7):
Win 30 points / Defeat 0


SmatchMe accepts no liability for material or immaterial damage resulting from information errors of these regulations, website and of sites connected to it by link or from technical problems imputable to an App malfunction.

Data protection and security

SmatchMe observes the legal provisions and the data protection law to protect the private sphere and protect people from the abusive use of personal data.

Except for the different indications of law, SmatchMe cannot under any circumstances be considered responsible for any partial or total direct or indirect damage related to the use of this App, website or other websites linked to it by a hypertext link, including without any limitations such damages as loss of profit or turnover, interruption of business or professional activity, loss of programs or other type of data located on your computer system or other system.

By registering on the site, I authorize the processing of my personal data pursuant to the Legislative Decree 30,6,2003 n. 196.


The persons registered must be in physical condition and mental health suitable for participating in a tennis match and in their interest they must be subject to possible medical visits that attest to their state of health; SmatchMe’s object is to bring people into contact with each other and not to organize the matches to be carried out. Therefore no claim for compensation can be made in case of injury before, during and after a tennis match.

By accepting the conditions, you agree to have other users viewing your profile information.


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